OBGYN Doctors in Houston: Helping Mothers Stay Safe and Healthy During Pregnancy

 Healthy Pregnancy

Expectant mothers should place due importance to prenatal care to keep themselves and their unborn children sufficiently healthy. Inadequate nourishment often leads to low birth weight among infants and in some cases results in aborted pregnancies. Hence, pregnant mothers should seek expert guidance from Fort Bend County obstetrics and gynecologists right at the start of their pregnancy all the way to their post-natal recovery period.

These healthcare specialists can help detect health issues early to avoid any potential complications that may endanger the unborn child. Under their watchful eye, pregnant mothers get the necessary therapy and medication to address any health abnormalities and prevent harmful effects on the health of their babies. More importantly, they instruct mothers on best practices to ensure that their precious kids get a healthy start in life way before they are born.

Fort Bend County gynecology and obstetricians recommend that pregnant patients make it a point to go to regular prenatal consultations. They normally schedule monthly visits from weeks 4 to 28 of the pregnancy. The frequency increases to a minimum of twice a month from weeks 28 to 36. Weekly visits are often necessary thereafter until the woman reaches her full term.

The first few visits to the OBGYN’s office typically involve detailed inquiries into patients’ health. Doctors typically ask about histories of previous diseases, past operations and the outcome of earlier pregnancies. They may also do an assessment of the health profiles of patients’ immediate families such as hereditary health conditions that may affect the pregnancy. Patients then undergo thorough physical examinations that include pelvic exams and Pap test.

Patients may also be required to undergo routine blood and urine tests to check for any signs of infection. Once the results of these health assessments are out, physicians can tell patients about their expected due dates and other health issues they need to watch out for all during their pregnancy. Expectant mothers should therefore ask their respective doctors about any concerns they may have regarding the health of their unborn children as often as necessary.

Prenatal visits during the latter part of pregnancy are usually shorter but more frequent. A trusted OBGYN in Houston conducts occasional minor tests on pregnant mothers to ensure that babies are growing normally as hoped. These include blood pressure tests, weight gain and, abdominal measurements as well as heart rate assessments. Physicians normally prescribe nutritional supplements and make an effort to educate women on proper lifestyle and dietary practices as part of any sensible prenatal care program for expectant moms.



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