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Most American’s health is very terrible. They smoke and drink too much, and they are too fat with less exercise, and they should not eat too much. In this article, I will show you how bad the healthy is. Then you may come to know that it is time to make exercise now.

Like middle-aged men, American young generation even cannot run to the distance between the two streets, and they will be out of breath when climbing stairs. Their intelligence will reach to the degree of forties when they are in 20 years old.

The experience of a criminal case lawyer Neil Carver in Philadelphia is very typical. Carver has a thin and high stature with a strong figure, but he was in poor health in his thirty-year-old. He once said to me: in a evening, I hug my two kids go upstairs, and placed them on the bed. I was so tired that I cannot breathe almost. I told to myself, I appointed to do things in this regards. At that time, Carver started to jog. He has run for seven or eight years. Now he may take part in 8 miles competition and in each summer he will lead his wife and kids to climb the bumpy New Hampshire Presidential Range.

Even the American children’s health is not good. In Massachusetts, in a school in fifth grade class including fifty-three students, just eight of them have good body situation, so that they can get the President’s health award. In Connecticut, only two students’ healths are qualified among forty students in a class. Some time ago, general hospital in Massachusetts made a research presenting 15percent of 1900 students has high cholesterol, and 8 percent students have high blood pressure. These two kinds of symptoms can lead to the likelihood of suffering cardiopathy and encephalorrhagia. Although we become more and more interested in sports, our children’s health do not improved. Michigan University for the American Education Head office made a research in twelve million young people aged ten to sixteen, finding that for ten years their physical strength, reaction capacity and speed aspect are not increased. The sole exception was the durability of girls lightly increased. Originally, the situation of doctor counselor’s health is too bad to destroy our hope. Not long ago in southern California, 58 doctors made a physical examination, but most of their health is poor. They have one of every five people smoking, two of every three overweight, each one person in four has high blood pressure; one in every five people in the exercise ECG is unmoral, over 50 percent person’s blood index is too high. Their physical condition can reflect one of my friend’s attitude; and he is a young physician smoking heavily. He said to me: I am not worried about on lung cancer because there must be a cure when I get it.
So you would need to do sports now, the best is start now.



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