Health risks for older women and pregnancy

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More and more women with children at older ages, when they have their lives and their financial situation in order. Heath, increasing the risk for older women and worsen already pregnant, or sometimes causes additional problems. But older women are more aware of the importance of folic acid during pregnancy and the need to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise compared to younger women tend to be. They also have moreThe choice to breastfeed than to bottle their children that mothers younger.

It ‘important for older women to be in good Heath, before becoming pregnant. 35 pregnancies after the age of a greater chance of ending in miscarriage and that children who have problems at birth. This is why doctors tend to be a lot of attention is paid to ensuring healthy mothers at this age, often schedule appointments close together so you can monitor the health ofboth mother and child. Because mothers in this age a lot more experience of life, increases the likelihood of alcohol consumption, which is also the possibility that the child was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Diabetes, heart disease and arthritis may become apparent in women over the age of first pregnancy, but not enough to have started that interferes with their daily lives. However, a pregnancy at this age, the symptoms of this medical colleaguesConditions, endangering both mother and child. High blood pressure is common during pregnancy for older women and this situation can not go away when the baby is born. A woman who has a stressful job and complications during pregnancy, at any age but is more likely when older.

The risks for the baby if the mother is older does not happen for everyone. Some women sail through the nine months without any problems and canalso believe that a doctor will be overprotective. However, there are so many risks that doctors generally do not generalize in this area and want to make sure that nothing can be avoided to the mother or the child that would happen. Some of the most common problems that occur in women who become pregnant after 35 years of age are:

– The ectopic pregnancy? The fetus develops in the tube instead of the uterus, and this results in a miscarriage. This usually requires surgery to removedamage to the fallopian tubes.

– Chromosome disorders? An example of a child is born with Down syndrome

– Multiple births? This is true whether the mother has been trying to get pregnant for a little ‘and take fertility drugs

– Complications during childbirth

Older women who become pregnant tend to have more screening and testing of a younger woman. These events help determine if a particular disease are available in either the mother or child.

WhenPregnant women later in life, often have a difficult time adjusting to the fact that they are pregnant, especially if one is planned. Are you excited about the prospect of a child, but they know that the freedom that they will be limited so long enjoyed. This often leads to more emotional than usual.



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