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In this world where almost every human being is facing various problems regarding their health and need to get regular treatments, oral health is also one of the basic needs. This need is fulfilled by dental hygienists and Colney Hatch Dental practice is also one such place serving people with all the treatments to keep their mouth and teeth in good condition. This dental practice clinic is located in Muswell Hill, London having one of the most advanced technologies to treat their patients and aim towards customer satisfaction. Their practices are well known for clean and safe treatments.

Colney hatch dental Practice clinic is running by Mr. Raj Gidda (BDS, London) with his team of dental hygienist Haroulla Yennari and Debra Ryan. His team is responsible for the proper oral health and their treatments ranges from giving dental bridges to filling cavities with white fillings. They are famous for their professional and high level care and for practicing in the friendliest environment where their customers achieve their oral health as a gift.

The major reason why people visit dental hygienist is because they want to fill their open cavities and Colney Hatch clinic is one of the most affordable places in London to get it. Fillings are important but the major part is that it should look natural and this clinic makes all the fillings natural by white fillings. Silver or metal fillings can be injurious to health and plus people become too conscious while laughing. White fillings are natural and also safe for their health and it even take scare of the sensitivity of their patients teeth. Another major advantage of the white fillings is that the life expectancy of the filling is expanded in comparison to other clinics providing these services. The cost of the white filling may vary on the size of the open cavity.

When you are in the Colney hatch dental practice clinic you need not worry about your oral health as the there treatments are long lasting, safe and very effective. Dental hygienist even provides the dental bridges to those people who have lost some of their teeth. They provide two different ways for bridging the teeths. First is partial dentures, they are basically made of metal and plastic but is used only in the places where few teeths need to be replaced. They have clasps that help them to stay in position. These dentures are carefully designed as the shapes of the teeths vary. These dentures are less expensive than other. The other types of dental bridges are the fixed bridges. They are basically crowns of teeth that are joined together with special adhesive and cement. This treatment is more expensive than the other.

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