An osteopath Health Guide for Pregnant Women

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How to admit the mother, pregnancy puts enormous pressure on the body. On average, women earn about 30 pounds gain during pregnancy, a major change in posture. It is incredibly difficult to carry around all that weight more with them, not to mention extremely stressful for the body. Some of our leaders osteopaths offer some tips and exercises you can do yourself, before you can be in the labor market to alleviate the physical strains of pregnancy.

Work-out sessions:It ‘nice to have a regular routine of work, if you are pregnant, but it is important that you adjust your routine accordingly, depending on how your body can be taken during pregnancy. We recommend three or four work-out sessions a week for about 30 minutes during the first quarter and the second. When it comes to the third quarter, shorten the routine 10 minutes to satisfy your belly heavy.

Types of exercises: While cardio exercises are oftenvery well during pregnancy, we advise you to stay for activities that monitor your heart rate to 145 beats per minute – while allowing to break with sweat. Squats and lunges (are) without weights assigned purpose, such as swimming and brisk walking. Swimming is particularly useful in your last trimester, because the water supports the weight from the right, what is taking place pressure on your muscles tired. Activities such as aerobics and cycling are also sweet highly recommended. Becertainly very short sections, before and after each work-out for the flood flows through the joints and muscles.

To prevent movement / exercise: It is advisable to refrain from participating in high impact and contact sports such as squash or football. A warm-up, do not wear a more than 5-6 seconds. If you hold a stretch for too long, pregnant and vulnerable to solve your body to a hormone that is “Relax,” which are steps (required to set out in the labor market), when releasedprematurely, can damage the areas around the joints. Also, you avoid overloading – this means that you should refrain from lifting heavy objects.

Diet tips: a job for you and your baby the best during pregnancy increases the feeling of a balanced diet is a must. A pregnant woman needs about 2,500 calories a day – so just because you’re feeding yourself and the baby does not mean eating twice as much as usual. To determine the right heightEnergy and provide food that you eat from each food group every day, whole grains and wheat, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry (your source of protein), and dairy products.

Please visit an osteopath: To keep a watchful eye on changes to keep the body, you begin to see an osteopathic physician at the beginning of the first quarter. In this way, if you can do the exercises incorrectly, or when certain muscles are a burden too much, we take a step forwardlater.

With back pain, mood swings and fatigue threaten to overwhelm, pregnancy is not easy. However, with the help of an osteopath, and the techniques described above, which I hope the trip of a pregnant woman, not the loving mother, only bearable, but enjoyable.



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